Weekly Classes 


Asana, Pranayama & Meditation (90 Minute Complete Practice in Heated Room)

This Neo-traditional Class is a fusion of modern yoga and traditional vedic yoga - bringing a lightness and accessibility to a truly magnificent experience. Vinyasa provides a challenging practice inspired by Ashtanga Yoga with an emphasis on making room for the spirit of Yoga (as union with God) in order to impact the student to the greatest degree. Breathwork and 10 - 15 Minute Meditation included in every class, no exceptions. Come dive deeper into a full bodied Yoga and Meditation Experience.

Heated Vinyasa (75 Min - 90 Min. 90 degrees - infrared heat)

Creative Sequencing of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Postures are combined for a holistic flowing practice. Attention is given to the breath, alignment AND elements of yoga philosophy to create an in depth class with the capacity to grow your practice. This strong vinyasa class combines functional anatomy, skilled alignment/sequencing and a chance to practice more advanced postures and pranayama. Explore the Joy of movement with Warm in the winter season!

Restorative Hatha Flow (75 minutes. 75-80 degrees - infrared heat) 

This Class is designed for the student looking for a slower, but thorough practice that covers restoration and stress reducing postures in addition to a Hatha Flow that stretches and strengthens the body. It is a non-heated class accompanied by a light and uplifting playlist designed to relax and revitalize. A perfect evening practice. 

Warm Yin Yoga (75 minutes. 80-85 degrees - infrared heat)

This contemplative or awareness based yoga practice is Taoist in origin and emulates nature in its forms. It is designed to free the joints and de-stress the body-mind. Long-held postures are combined with purposeful transitions for a balanced practice that supports the internal organs, rewires the mind and stresses connective tissues for greater flexibility all around. The Warm and penetrating Infrared heat actually works at a cellular level 

Vinyasa Level 1-2 and 1-3 (75 Minutes. 75-80 degrees)

This class is designed to be a respite and strength builder using a steady hatha-vinyasa flow for ALL levels. Level 1-2 is a thorough but basic exploration of common vinyasa postures and restoration at the end. Level 1-3 is taught with exciting alignments and some advanced postures spinkled in throughout.

The Passion for Practice Island Yoga Shala is a space to uphold vigorous practice, healing emphasis classes and devotional Sadhana.

As a studio owner Jenna is dedicated to building community around a True Yoga Lifestyle, not just the physical practice. 

Jenna seeks out co-teachers and facilitators dedicated to a Life of LOVE in action and careful non-appropriation of yoga.  She would like to bring back the richness of Vedic teachings, culture and sister sciences into the mainstream vision of yoga. 

Passion for Practice promotes this holistic vision of yoga - not to make it popular - but to assure the practice is honored and shared in such a way that its full impact on the heart and mind of humanity is realized.  Om.