10 years in the Making: Teacher Training Curriculum / by Jenna McDonald

How the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Passion for Practice is exceeding the expectations of Kitsap County and Seattle based students looking for a training steeped in lineage and blended with modern embodiment training...



10 Years in the Making

I knew within the first 3 weeks of my study at the ashram that yoga was a calling of mine from many many incarnations past. It was all strangely familiar, the sanskrit, chanting and devotional lifestyle: all things I had had literally NO exposure to as a youth in the US.

The passion that ensued after 4 consecutive years of tutelage with guriji and study of the upanshiads was deeply formative and was by NO means luxurious or comfortable, it actually required a great deal of sacrifice. While other twenty somethings were getting married, buying homes and starting careers - I was sitting with a predominantly East Indian community of retirees. I felt completely at home for the first time in my life, totally engaged; mind and body challenged so much that when it was time to sleep, I was ALWAYS asleep in minutes. I felt my body, mind and consciousness was being used in the way it was designed to be used - in study of our conditionings and the liberation that comes from releasing them.

When I left - another 6 years of global travel and immersion in world yoga culture kept me learning and evolving with the latest teachings in embodied consciousness. I tasted and tested numerous forms of yoga and took the path very seriously (while still making plenty of time for dance, salt water swims and sunbathing btw :).

During those years I worked intensive summer jobs in the wilderness and up in Alaska and spent the cold seasons in Bali or at the Ashram studying Meditation, Chant and the 8 limbs of Yoga. It didn't make my practice better than what I found in the western studio yoga culture, as absorption of the mind in movement is a great tool - but it did create a separation between the Vision of Yoga as I knew it to be and what was being marketed to the masses as: Friendly, Soft and Sweaty Yoga. The yoga I knew was ultimately kind: with the goal of liberation from suffering AND undeniably ruthless when it came to holding up a mirror for me to witness my own ignorance or short-sightedness as it played a role in my self-made limitations. 

When it was time to get “certified” in order to teach in the US I took two 200 hr Training Programs that provided very different approaches to yoga. One was steeped in yogic cleansing and ayurvedic diet/lifestyle and the other was rich in neuroscience and anatomy.

Throughout these formative years I kept journals, audios and photo documentaries of the teachings and slowly and intentionally picked out the gems to share with my students.

However, I soon found that much of the material was a bit “advanced” for weekly group classes and I refocused on crafting a 200 hr Teacher Training that embodied both the lineage and tradition I was able to share in joy and modern teachings in the science and art of yoga.

The following Testimonials are designed to give you a feeling into the efficacy of the program on our graduates. Enjoy and do consider - training to come home to yourself and your health through yoga - may be the BEST investment of your lifetime! Salud!


Graduate Testimonials:


The Radiance YTT Program is the second YTT I have participated in. Jenna was the teacher for both programs and each has transformed my life in significant ways. I attended the 2017 YTT to improve my physical and emotional health. I had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher; however, I was suffering from severe anxiety, headaches, and dizziness and was searching for relief. In spite of a series of medical tests and interventions, nothing worked. Yet, as I built strength and stamina and mental ease through Jenna's teachings, I regained my health. And, I became a yoga teacher! I have taught every week since June. My passion is offering yoga to educators at an affordable cost and Jenna has provided a beautiful space and her support and guidance to help me succeed. As I was searching for a 300 YTT to improve my yoga teaching, I realized I had so much more to learn from Jenna. I appreciate that she goes far beyond the physical asana and provides an education in all parts of yoga. So, I enrolled in Radiance to improve my teaching and deepen my personal pranayama and meditation practice. Once again, Jenna's teaching and the supportive environment she has created have had a profound impact on me. I cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not taken this journey.



Heidi Langendorff



Yoga Teacher Training with Jenna has transformed my yoga practice from black and white to technicolor.  With a gentle guiding light, Jenna and the team of guest teachers, have illuminated practices and teachings that lay the foundation for a life-long yoga passion.  The experience on my mat has been forever deepened.  What I most appreciate about the teacher training experience has been the blend of practical hands-on knowledge combine with philosophical/ self-exploration that lends its-self to personal growth regardless of one's trajectory as a yoga teacher.  I can't recommend the training enough to anyone who has a desire to see yoga more vibrantly.  


Megan Leanderson


When I decided to attend YTT at Passion for Practice, I knew the experience would have an impact on my life. However, the training was so much more than I ever imagined. Through this experience and continuing now with regular practice, I discovered a deeper connection to myself, breath and body. I became aware of what “yoga” truly is and how I carry it with me as much off the mat as on. Yoga has helped me work with my anxiety and provides me with a grounding that nothing else has done. I’m most grateful for the friendships I’ve made and the connection to a community of supportive, loving fellow yogis.


Carrie Rosevear


Doing yoga teacher training has always been a dream.

And I knew when I saw your postcard in Hitchcocks deli. I knew -almost like oh “f***” here go all my weekends but also oh “f***” I cannot let this pass me by, I have to make this happen now.

Just like a knowing of once I saw that, I had no control, it was already decided.

And then talking to you on the phone. It’s been sweet hearing you talk to other YTT inquirers on the phone and share about your phone voice.

Because on the phone was when I met you and your voice IS deep and resonant and grounded. And everything you shared about this course was like you had read the deepest needs of my soul and put it together in a training. I had tears in my eyes even listening to you. My husband could hear your voice too and was like “Damn that IS a woman you’re going to LEARN from.” We could both just hear it in you. And everything you said was everything I was looking for. Another “oh f***” moment because there was NO WAY I could let this pass me by and I needed to make sure my life could take it in.

And then after deciding, I kept the little postcard around with me all the time. Reminding me that I already made this beautiful, sacred decision and it was coming. And that brought me a delicious freeing joy every time I looked at it. I knew that I was already doing that thing I needed to do, even if it hadn’t started yet.

AND THEN IT STARTED>  and I have LOVED every minute of this journey.

Every single weekend almost has it’s own mini-theme for me. Something deep and resonant on the inside that happens and that cracks, opens, heals and then transforms. It’s been an extremely healing outer journey, and a mega-transformative inner-journey.

I have NEEDED it to be JUST the way you designed it. With the sutras, Ayurveda, relationship-work, asanas that made me sweat, poses that scared me, ALL OF IT. HELL YES, GIRLFRIEND. This is THE WORK.

And I am terrified for it to end. Because it has held me accountable to growing into the woman I want to be, the woman I already am. Peeling back those layers with me, in a beautiful and true environment that loves and holds my imperfections, while seeing and pushing me to the bigger vision of who I can become.




Thank You for Considering this Investment for yourself and the greater good of all!! 

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