Inner Life of Yoga for Cognitive Healing

Full Seasonal Study from Sept 18th, 2016 -Dec 4th, 2016


Module 1: 4 Paths of Yoga

Group Sadhana Sundays 4-6 pm

Sept 18 Bhakti Yoga Learning to Passionately Desire the Divine Regenerating the heart….

Sept 25 Karma Yoga Approaching Non-doership as Yoga Releasing Burden...

Oct    2  Raja Yoga 8 Limbs for Mental Mastery The Art and Science of Ashtanga Yoga….

Oct    9  Jnana Yoga Introduction to Vedanta Letting the Teaching SEE for you...

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Module 2: A New North

This module is a Home Practice of Guided Audios to RE-TRAIN the BRAIN and establish a "New North" or Set of Automatic habits open to PROSPERITY and FREEDOM. 

A true course of study wouldn't be complete without the challenge of a consecutive practice, this time - I am making it as EASY as possible to follow along with. 

I will be at the Ashram practicing alongside you. In addition to your Neurological Listening Practice you will have access to LIVE Teachings and articles during that period through our Private FB Group. No armchair Philosophy here.

This is the REAL DEAL.

The mind exists to set us free.
— Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga

Module 3: Art of Ayurveda

Group Sadhana Sundays 4-6 pm

Nov 6  Breathwork: Re-oxygenating the system for Vitality.

Nov 13   11-6 pm FULL DAY Art of Ayurveda: Diet, Cleansing and Principles

Nov 20 Yogic Kitchen Vegetarian Recipes and Tips for Stocking a Medicinal Kitchen

Dec 4 Modern Yogi ~Timeless Wisdom HOW TO Bring it all to LIFE!