Rekindling my Passion for Yoga by Jenna McDonald

Can I be honest. I know far to many people who have left yoga because it keeps re-injuring them. They look for something more basic. Like Zumba or Barre, because its a decent sweat, its high energy and its completely about reaping a pleasurable result or experience. 

I can relate to feeling like yoga is STRONG MEDICINE and I would have two things to say to these folks: 

1. Yoga is an ALL IN sort of thing. Anyone telling you to just practice 75 minutes a day and "get back to life" is shorting you- big time. If you go in with no desire to actually LEARN about your anatomy or at least practice what I refer to as "Experiential Anatomy" - then YES, stick with something purely physical - where someone just tells you what to do and reap a tight, hormone happy body.

It's no fucking LOVE to dance and Pilates for your ass (aka. barre) is a no-brainer - especially if you know about antagonist or phasic muscles. So kuddos to those who have recognized that practicing Yoga without actually learning how to practice yoga is a relatively poor choice in the long run.

I, personally, don't think it's a bad thing to ask your students to THINK critically during their practice, and to learn from and seek teachers that can have an intelligent conversation about the human body and better yet have spent time with a lineage of some sort. 

*Why does lineage matter cliff notes: because who a teacher spends their time with MATTERS. The fact that they were willing to subjugate the ego and ALLOW someone else to guide them MATTERS. Being a totally self-taught, self-fullfi