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30 Day FORCE of LOVE: No-Bullshit Meditation, Contemplation and Love in Action Challenge!!

  • Passion for Practice Bainbridge Island, Washington (map)
I entered into Jenna’s 30 Day Wise Warrior Challenge hoping for physical progress and a more centered practice. It turned out to be a journey with many wonderfully unexpected layers of opportunity and challenge. Jenna’s guidance and insights through her weekly workshops were perfect compliments to what I was experiencing in my mind and body. Now, here at the end of this Wise Warrior Challenge, I am more flexible, yes. I can “drop in” with more ease and authenticity, yes. The most precious gift has been a new sense of awareness, compassion and deep love for myself, my family, my friends and strangers I encounter throughout the day. I learned that a commitment to just SHOWING UP every day creates an undercurrent of strength and joy. I see this in the faces of my fellow Wise Warriors, too; quiet, knowing looks and smiles as we have been part of something sweet and powerful.
— Kathi McMahon

FORCE of LOVE: 30 Days of No-Bullshit Meditation, Contemplation and Love in Action!!  

May 15th - June 15th, 2016.

You will Receive:

  • (5) Audio Workshops Unraveling the teachings of Bhagavad Gita (Ch. 6 on Meditation) and Devi Gita. ONE Released every Sunday During the challenge.
  • (2) Guided Meditations for use at your convenience.

  • (1) PRIVATE 60 Minute Yoga Class to support any facet of your yoga or meditation practice. *Must use by Aug 30th, 2016.

  • Partnering with another committed student for accountability.

  • Access to Jenna through Email for Q and A throughout the 30 day course.

This 30 day Challenge is Designed to give the Yogi a chance to:

  • Establish a joyful and exploration-oriented practice of DAILY meditation.
  • Stay accountable for 30 consecutive days of 20 minute meditations.

  • Unlock the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita (Ch. 6 on Meditation) and it’s female counterpart the Devi Gita (Song of the Goddess) by listening to the Audio Workshops.

  • Benefit from the inherent blessing of committed group practice.

  • Receive dynamic teachings on meditation rarely taught in the context of western yoga including pranayama, traditional text unfoldment and “value based” education.

$169 All Inclusive. (Private Session Valued at $125 alone)

Two Scholarships available based on need.  

                                         How do I register? CLICK HERE.