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The Crossroads of Yoga and Privilege @ OM Culture Seattle, WA.

Stretch the body, mind and heart in this  practice designed to expose, move and enlighten our relationship to the Core Teachings of Yoga and Privilege all in one somatic experiment. It is the intersection of Yoga as an Art, Science and agent of social/global awareness and change. 

As teachers we see that if Yoga truly does mean Union, then the playful, gutsy and visceral exploration of that which separates us will prove to be an integral part of an Advanced Yoga Practice both on and off the mat. The event will include exercises for exploring privilege, asana and dynamic meditation. 

Jenna and Katie have firm and passionate backgrounds in working with the roots of oppression and its opportunity for liberation through Yoga and are joining forces to share a yoga practice that will challenge the body and create the kind of cognitive shift necessary to respond to the reality privilege in our communities.


Jenna is a Full-Time Certified Yoga Teacher and Trainer from Bainbridge Island, WA with a BA in Decolonization and Native Systems of Education & Katie is a Life-Long Yogini and Interim Core Faculty at Cornish College of the Arts. Both are mothers, world travelers and facilitators for conscious change through Yoga.