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Sacred Breath to Manifest w/Jenna McDonald

Sacred Breath and Manifestation Ceremony for a New Year!

This Workshop is a combination of highly practical breath training and highly effective visualization work to help shift the brain into new activity. 

Uplevel your Life, Increase your capacity to receive experiences you want and learn to maintain the brainwave states necessary to heal and re-pattern stressful experience with rhythmic breathing.


Before teaching Asana full-time, Jenna McDonald was traveling the globe and teaching Breathwork to Yoga Communities, Schools and in Wilderness Programs to facilitate depth in Practice & Relationship and promote healthy, honest bonding within communities without the need for intoxicants.

The states available through this particular Breathwork are designed to:

Re-oxygenate the body, help flip unhealthy mental grooves and release past injury/trauma.

This workshop is designed to activate latent potential and gather insight by accessing an altered and therapeutic state of being.

The Yoga Sutras urge us to find a pranayama that evokes a natural pause in the breath, and thus uninhibited connection to source. This Pranayama is designed to do just that.

We use sound and movement to expand lung capacity and calm the nervous system.

What to Bring:

Comfortable loose clothing, a Pen & Paper and Water as this is a form of Reflective Journey Work.

What to Expect:

-Intro to the Breath Anatomy

-Demonstrations & A chance to learn to Read Breath Patterns
-Reclined Breath Practice to Rhythmic MUSIC
-Facilitation by Jenna including verbal ques, hands-on work and use of props to OPEN breath

-Personal Writing exercise to gain clarity on Priorities and Hidden Desires for your year. 

-Visualization and Walking Meditation Practices to support Manifestation (bringing your vision forward into the world).

Cost: $75