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Intelligent Mobility: Hips w/Jenna McDonald

Do you suffer from tight hips or just want to learn the shortcuts to accessing truly great range of motion?It requires both mental comprehension and practice in using the correct muscles for the correct motions. Otherwise we actually perpetuate our tightness thru yoga! 

In this workshop you will study and practice using:

  • Tonic and Phasic Muscles (Synergists and Antagonists)
  • Mindful Extension and Flexion of the Hips
  • Adduction and Abduction of the legs in Standing Poses for increased flexibility.
  • Internal and External Rotation of the Thigh Bones in Forward Folds, Backbends and Seated Postures
  • Assessment of individual body types and the necessity of different alignments for different body structures.

All Yogis need this Intelligent Mobility Education to avoid injury and increase efficacy on the mat. 


Cost: $60. Limited to 16 People.

Later Event: February 17
Restorative Yoga Evening