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Shakti Strong Half-Day Retreat

Shakti Strong Half-Day Women’s Retreat

3/3 12-6:30

Jeny Rae returns to Bainbridge Island, a place she once called home, for this special engagement of community and sacred space. She is calling in a circle of women who are willing to dive deep into this exquisitely curated half-day re-charge of ceremony, embodiment and offering.

In Shakti Strong, we reconnect with our intrinsic feminine power, creativity, courage and passion, reigniting our relationship with self, other, and planet. We create a revolutionary space for transmutation and transformation; we reclaim and fortify our personal and collective beauty and strength. We listen, support, and empower every women in sacred sisterhood.

Our day will include:

Sacred Circle:  Checking in with what is present, see and be seen, witness the brilliance of our sisters, awaken empathy and compassion.

Shakti Strong Flow: Awaken the Divine Feminine in all her strength with heat-building power yoga, dance, pulsation, mantra, mudra and pranayama. Using movements that activate deep core engagement, we tap into the power of our 3rd chakra which is thought to be the center of our personal strength. Not just a workout, but a work-in, expect lots of intention, sweat, and music that will make you want to move.

Restorative Yoga: Rebalance the nervous system tapping deeper in to the subtle body

Yoga Nidra: Relaxation and visioning

Collage: Creative expression to document and reflect upon your journey


BIO: Jeny Rae integrates the hard and soft edges of life experience into a playful, deep, and authentic presence. Recognizing we are all both student and teacher, she creates a judgement-free zone of inclusivity and accessibility. Her intention is to simply hold up a mirror and help you polish it to reveal the gold: your dharma, creativity, intuition, strength and courage to own it.